Calling all artists, enthusiasts, and culinary creatives! Get ready to showcase your carving skills and artistic flair at the upcoming Fruit and Vegetable Carving Competition set to take place at Freedom Park in Puerto Princesa City on September 22, 2023, starting at 3 p.m.

The City Tourism Office (CTO) said the event promises to be a feast for the eyes and taste buds, with participants battling it out for a chance to win generous prizes and recognition.

The competition is open to students, professionals, and carving enthusiasts, making it a unique opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to express their creativity.

With a maximum of 10 slots available, the competition ensures a showdown of carving skills. The first 10 participants to register online will earn their spots in the finals. To secure your spot, simply register through the provided

Contestants must arrive at the venue two hours before the contest begins, as a three-point deduction will be enforced for latecomers. They are required to wear a service apron, plain white shirt, jeans, and closed shoes. Failure to comply with the proper uniform guidelines will result in a three-point deduction from their total score.

The heart of the competition lies in producing a sculpture crafted entirely from fruits and vegetables, with an emphasis on creating something both visually stunning and delicious. While contestants are expected to utilize provided materials like toothpicks and barbecue sticks as stiffeners, they are also allowed to use artificial coloring to enhance their creations.

All participants must bring their own carving tools, such as chisels, knives, and other power tools they prefer to use. All carving, peeling, cutting, and assembling must be completed during the actual competition, adding an element of excitement to the event.

Each entry must be accompanied by a title placed on an index card provided by the organizers. Contestants have two and a half hours to complete their masterpiece. Going over the time limit will result in a one-point penalty per minute.

Judges will assess how well participants minimize wastage during the carving process. Any violations of the contest mechanics will lead to disqualification.

Winners will be chosen using a ranking system. In case of ties, the Chairman of the Board will make the final decision. The decisions of the judges are deemed final and irrevocable, adding an air of suspense and anticipation to the competition.

The Fruit and Vegetable Carving Competition, according to the tourism office, isn’t just about showcasing talent; it’s also about winning impressive prizes that recognize the participants’ dedication and skill.

The top carver will take home with a grand prize of P10,000.00 and a medal to commemorate their victory. The second-place contestant will receive a prize of P5,000 and a medal, acknowledging their exceptional carving abilities. The third-place winner will be awarded P3,000.00 and a medal, celebrating their creative prowess.

Even those who will not get to the top spots won’t walk away empty-handed, as a consolation prize of P1,000 awaits them.

In addition to these prizes, certificates of participation will be given to all contestants, ensuring that everyone’s hard work and contribution are duly recognized.

The event is part of the Tourism Green Investments.

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