The Japanese mayonnaise brand Kewpie put an end to a contentious debate that had been going on for a long time about how its name should be pronounced by releasing a meme on February 2,

“Start the year right, by pronouncing Kewpie RIGHT!” the brand captioned the photo that is a spinoff of a famous meme.

It depicts a woman shrugging off “People who pronounce it as Kew-Pay” and giving approval to “People who pronounce it as Q-P,” indicating that the latter is correct.

Since then, it has received 8.8k reactions, 3.8k shares, and 1.8k comments.

Although some regard the brand’s action as an effective marketing strategy, netizens unanimously agreed that they prefer it to be referred to as they are accustomed to.

“Tama na. We prefer the classic. [Kew-Pay] all the way!” Robal Edward Cabato commented.

“So ang Egg Pie… Egg-P?” Ran Araojo questions.

“Dapat may sachet version kayo. Kifiee ang name,” Paul Ineguban suggests.

Kewpie is a well-known brand of Japanese-style mayo that contains egg yolks rather than whole eggs.

It became popular during the Keto Diet craze due to its keto-friendly properties.