Free public wifi installation in Palawan still facing delays

Free public wifi in Palawan is still facing delays (file photo)

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) said the full implementation of free public wifi in Palawan is facing delay from the contractor tasked to undertake the project.

Engr. Carmela Valencia, Provincial Field Leader of DICT, told Palawan News on Saturday, they are relying on the commitment of the contractor to complete the installation of internet connection.

 “Hindi masyadong mabilis, pero nagcommit naman ang contractor na lalagyan pero syempre gusto naman nilang malagyan lahat ng areas,” she said.

Valencia said the contractor for the project is undertaking the service nationwide.

 “Nationwide kasi ‘yan ang contractor at hindi naman sa amin ang control kaya kung ano ang unahin nila (areas) ay wala rin kaming magagawa,” she said.

She said they are prioritizing the Puerto Princesa International Airport for the free wife service, which is included to the specific 24 key sites within the city.

 “Tinatry na magawa ‘yong sa airport po hindi ko pa nasisisgurado kung maihahabol ngayong pasko,” she said.

Presently, at least four areas in the city have been provided internet signal including the Palawan National School, San Miguel National High School, San Jose National High School and the service’s main Point of Presence (POP) located at Burgos Street.

The wifi service has an upload speed of 3.5 Gbps (gigabyte per second) and 50 Mbps (megabyte per second) download speed, available 24 hours given a constant supply of electricity, according to Valencia.

Valencia said they have also installed wifi services in the municipalities of Cuyo, Busuanga, Dumaran and Magsaysay, Araceli, Sofronio Española, and Quezon.

She added that the 16 municipalities and remaining areas in the city are expected to go online upon their signing of a Memorandum of Agreement next year.

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