Mayor Edna Gacot-Lim (in green floral blouse) leads the closure of four more establishments in El Nido on May 12 for non-compliance with local and national regulations.

Four more businesses were ordered closed by the rehabilitation task force in Barangay Villa Libertad, El Nido, on Friday, as the municipal government continues to strictly enforce local ordinances and national laws to protect the environment.

The ENRTF, led by Mayor Edna Gacot-Lim, enforced the executive order on May 12 due to violations committed by the four establishments: Pangolin Bar, Oblivion Disco Bar, Wonder Restaurant, and Raniyah’s Laundry Shop. All were found to be non-compliant with local and national regulations.

The task force said in statement that the establishments will remain temporarily closed until they have achieved compliance with the required regulations.

The closure of the four businesses is the second time that the ENRTF has taken such measures to ensure that all businesses in El Nido comply with local and national laws.

During the activity, the ENRTF discussed detailed instructions with the business owners to ensure that the establishments make necessary adjustments to comply. The move by the ENRTF reinforces the commitment to promoting a safe and environmentally sound business environment in El Nido.

On May 5, the ENRTF also shut down Amos Pili Tree in Brgy. Maligaya, El Nido, for non-compliance with regulations, including operating without a valid mayor’s permit and committing other violations.

Earlier, Mayor Lim emphasized the importance of compliance with local and national regulations and thanked the public for their cooperation. She stated that the ENRTF will continue to strictly implement the law and ensure that businesses operate within the set guidelines. (with a report from R. Rodriguez)

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