Rebel returnee “Ka Mark” has  surrendered rebel owned explosives to the 1st Palawan Provincial Mobile Force Company (1st PPMFC) in Sofronio Española on Wednesday, May 3.

The weaponry consisted of two  live rifle grenades and a grenade launcher ammunition (40MM).

In March, Ka Mark was the first to surrender and return to the government fold with the encouragement of his family.

He was an alleged member of the Bienvenido Vallever Command of the New People’s Army but had long been inactive and chose to return home to Brooke’s Point.

It was revealed that Ka Mark joined the NPA in 2012 and was sent for training in Paly Island in Taytay for three months in 2015.

According to the 1st PPMFC, he was trained to handle firearms and was supplied with weapons to be used as an NPA fighter in the province.

After surrendering, Ka Mark was still subjected to continuous monitoring and debriefing to ensure his safety and to gain a better understanding of the importance of returning to the government.