Food terminal in Irawan proposed

Rodriguez proposes a centralized terminal in Barangay Irawan

Board Member Eduardo Modesto Rodriguez is proposing the establishment of a centralized public terminal and food terminal on the property of provincial government in Barangay Irawan.

Rodriguez, in a resolution, said that the proposed centralized terminals will provide easy access to farmers from both ends of the province.

“Ayon sa datus na kanila iprinesenta sa atin, marami sa mga transport operators from southern and northern Palawan minsan hindi sila nabibigyan ng serbisyo dito sa Puerto Princesa, city public transport terminal at ito po ang isa sa kanila minumungkahi,” he said.

He noted that the existing system of trading has been disadvantageous to farmers who end up at the mercy of traders and middlemen.

He added that it is the high time that the province have its own centralized public and food terminal to cater the needs of its constituents from the different parts of the province at the area in Bgy. Irawan would be an ideal location for the proposal.

Rodriguez also said that Palawan island have vast potentials for crop livestock and fishery production that could support tourism development not only in the region but in the central Philippines tourism circuit, based on the data of MIMAROPA Regional Development Plan as published by the National Economic Development and Authority (NEDA).


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