Personnel from the Linapacan police station apprehended five fishermen in the waters near Barangay Cabunlawan for by using a compressor for fishing, which violates the Philippine Fisheries Code, during a maritime patrol operation on Wednesday.

They were identified as Jerick Lampago Sismoan, 25; Jayboy Lampago Sismoan, 20; Romeo Alpurnon Fuentes Jr., 23; Rodel Amatos Avila, 21; and Conrado Sauro Agaton, 38, all residents of Barangay New Colaylayan, Linapacan.

The provincial police said in a report that they were aboard an unnamed blue-white motorized banca, which was powered by two Kingston 12hp engines. Upon inspection, the police personnel identified an air compressor, which they believe was used as a breathing apparatus for underwater activities.

Aside from the compressor, the authorities confiscated approximately 70 kilograms of assorted fresh fish valued at P7,000, three improvised spearguns, three pairs of makeshift fins, three flashlights designed for nighttime diving, two hand nets, and three pairs of goggles. The total estimated value of the seized items is roughly P143,000.