Two fishermen who were caught using dynamite in the waters within the jurisdiction of Barangay Bisucay in the town of Cuyo, Palawan, managed to escape by jumping off their boat just as authorities were about to arrest them.

Major Ric Ramos, the spokesperson of the Palawan Provincial Police Office, reported said that the escape occurred on Wednesday at approximately 2:30 p.m. on August 15, involving two individuals, Dodo Cabasag and Samuel Montaño, both residents of Brgy. Suba in the same town.

“Nakatakas po ang dalawang mga violator na ito,” Ramos stated.

The two will be charged with illegal fishing for violating Section 92 of Republic Act 10654, as well as for using dynamite, which is also prohibited under Palawan Provincial Ordinance No. 1643, Series of 2015.

The police in the area said they received a call from a concerned citizen reporting ongoing illegal fishing activities using dynamite in the waters off Brgy. Bisucay, a practice strictly prohibited due to its potential environmental harm.

When they verified the report from Bararing Islet, they spotted the suspects’ boat but the individuals jumped off as they saw the authorities approaching.

Their boat contained prohibited items such as an air compressor, improvised explosive devices in bottles, and other fishing equipment.