Six fishermen were arrested for violating Sections 31 and 35 of Municipal Ordinance No. 2020-137 of Linapacan by using compressors.

They were apprehended at Primo Reef, Barangay Pical, Linapacan, at 9:30 a.m. on July 9.

One of the arrested individuals was identified as Estanislao Amadeo, 36, along with his five companions who were caught illegally fishing using compressors.

According to the police report, they were conducting a seaborne patrol when they spotted a motorized boat, blue and white in color, carrying the six suspects.

Upon investigation, the police discovered and confiscated an air compressor, approximately 10 kilograms of fresh fish believed to have been caught using spearfishing with the compressor, two pieces of improvised spearguns, three improvised fins, two flashlights, goggles, and two spears.