Fewer rape cases being reported to the police

The Philippine National Police (PNP) in Puerto Princesa City has observed that fewer cases of attempted rape are now being reported to authorities, with victims preferring to settle the cases privately.

Police Insp. Rey Aron Elona, the spokesman of the PPCPO Station 1, told Palawan News recently there were many reported attempted rape cases to the PPCPO since 2016, but the victims did not want to pursue legal action.

“Ang nagiging problema, lalo na sa mga kaukulang barangay is ayaw na nilang ma-istorbo mag-file ng kaso magpa-balik-balik dito sa station kaya ang tendency is parang hinahayaan na lang nila ‘yong nangyayari. Ayaw sana natin ng ganoon,” Elona said.

Citing police record, Elona said the usual victims of rape are teenage girls. He cited the case of a 12-year old attempted rape victim who was helped by their Women and Children Protection Desk (WCPD) recently, whose parents opted to resolve the case privately with the alleged perpetrator.

“Kagabi meron kaming case, although walang penetration pero doon ‘yong malisya kasi nahubaran niya itong dalagita. Ngayon, noong dumating ang parents is kakilala nila itong suspect, nakiusap, lasing lang daw. So hindi na sila nag-file ng case,” said Elona.

“Kasi kapag ganito, parang tino-tolerate ng mga biktima ang mga suspek. Nagiging problema kasi ‘yong ayaw nating maabala, o ayaw ring mapahiya, pero ina-assure naman namin na tini-treat ang mga information na confidential talaga. Lahat ng station may separate section which is the WCPD kaya huwag silang matakot o mahiya,” said Elona.

He noted that there were only five rape complaints filed by victims during the first six months of this year, compared to 15 last year, but added that more cases were not being reported to the police.

The PPCPO, he stressed is expanding its campaign against rape by heightening the awareness of women through conducting regular seminars and handing out flyers to inform women on what to do in case they sense a threat of rape from potential perpetrators.

“Kung makikita natin ‘yong number, 15 to five, ‘yong ating taon ngayon nangangalahati na, so mako-consider natin ito na bumaba,” said Elona.

However, he noted the figures only pertain to rape cases that involve victims who actually filed cases against the suspects.

He added there were nearly 10 reported attempted rapes in 2016, but the victims of the alleged perpetrators did not want to engage in any legal proceedings.

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