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Suspended Brooke’s Point town mayor Mary Jean Feliciano said she “expected” an unfavorable ruling in the latest decision handed down by the Court of Appeals (CA) dismissing her petition for a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order against the suspension order from the Office of the Ombudsman.

After a year-long suspension following a complaint filed against her by a mining company she opposed, Feliciano was ousted from the office on July 29, 2021.

“Expected ko na ‘yon. Mahirap kalaban ang minahan [na] maraming pera. Still waiting sa resolution ng aking motion for reconsideration (MR) sa Ombudsman. Last July pa ako nag-file ng MR sa Ombudsman,” Feliciano said.

On April 5, the appeals court made a decision that was only made public on Wednesday, May 4. In the decision, it said that the mayor’s remedy was improper because the court didn’t have the authority to rule on a decision that is still being debated in the Office of the Ombudsman.

“This Court lacked subject matter jurisdiction over the petitioner’s original action for injunction. The reason is clear. There is no action or proceeding pending with this Court or a petition for certiorari, prohibition, or mandamus upon which the Court may consider issuing orders to expedite the proceedings and grant a temporary restraining order or a writ of a preliminary injunction for the preservation of the rights of the parties pending such proceedings,” read the resolution penned by CA associate justice Carlito Calpatura.

Feliciano was removed from the office on July 29, 2021, following an order by the Office of the Ombudsman that found her guilty of oppression or grave abuse of authority by stopping the operations of a mining company in her town in 2018.