The Fast and The Curious (A Road Trip)

In terms of learning, two observable facts are worth noting – visual and speed. Visual could mean graphics. Or, in a more up-to-date jargon, it must be instagrammable. And by speed, definitely it means nothing but fast. The faster the better, that is.

For instance, a Facebook post magnetizes more “likes” with photos that are either scenic or intriguing, as the case may be. When pictures are more scenic and more intriguing, it will not only gather “likes” but “hearts”.  What with the standard comment, “Napusuan ko na, Besh!” And, we are not talking of videos yet. In terms of speed, people tend to read (or, browse) just the headline of the news or of the article. And off they go thinking it is already the whole thing. Perhaps, this trend is engendered by Twitter, no less.  While everything else is blogging. Twitter is into microblogging. Short post, quick pose and speedy delivery of the so-called tweets. Very much like chirping – short, quick and in a flash.

The two spectacles aforementioned could also be said while on a roadtrip. What we see along the road gets our attention. Signage, billboard, panoramic view, people walking, stylish houses, etc. In just a spur of the moment, they deliver a message to the beholder. They evoke emotions. They provoke anger on unpleasant sights. And on everything and just anything, what you actually see would provide for you a lesson or two. And in a flash at that, since you are actually on a roadtip.

Below are three observations on account of road trips. We suppose, the realities are not only peculiar to our place but in all other places as well.

– Six-lane Superhighway: There is much hullabaloos over the road-widening of the 600 kilometers of our mainland from Bataraza to El Nido. Economic boom against ecological impact lock horns once more, as they always do and as they should always be for healthy balancing in decision-making. But what we see as not too healthy, and is in fact very deadly, is the presence of lampposts right at the very center of our widened roads. This is neither economic boom nor environmental concern. It is simple common sense which has already become uncommon. Instead of anything, even if we are fast we could not fail to be curious to throw a glance on those lampposts. So doing, we could only laugh at the sight, a nasty laugh at that.

Acacia Lane: If there is one thing that is being made clear on account of this hot issue is our common attitude that is perhaps already embedded in the human psyche – very reactive. We tend to be reactive instead of being proactive. If and when a certain undertaking is forthcoming we easily get disturbed and threatened. Perhaps, such disturbance serves a purpose too towards a concerted and enlightened design for our beloved Palawan. Up until now, we are still confined to platitudes saying, “being eyed as ecotourism”, “proposed acacia theme park” and the like. That saying, do we already find a blueprint for such? And, are we also putting our money where our mouth is? On the contrary, the perceived “antagonistic” plan has already in the chest a tone of 600 kilometers and to the tune of P30-billion budget. Please do, preserve the wonder of the tunnel for even a blind person could also visualize the loveliness of these century-old creation through its ambiance and cooler shade. Let us be fast though. A proactive, no less.

No Plate, No Way: Visualize, in an intersection, your vehicle bears its proper car plate and the car at your front has none. You share the same road but you do not share the same conviction of civility and lawfulness. One could be intensely curious why no law enforcer reprimands. Let alone call the attention. Or, could it be that there are special exemptions to the rule. What makes one exempted? And more curiously, it is generally the lowly, non-pricey vehicles that carry their respective car plates while most vehicles that bear no plates are usually the costly ones. Something is at a loss here for someone sends a wrong signal. As the popular saying goes, “Anumang ginagawa ng matanda, ito ay nagiging tama sa paningin ng isang bata.”

There could still be a whole lot more to see along our highways. But these three are enough for a while. I guess, they are already very telling. They offer us a thought or two as we travel along the highways of our everyday life. And indeed we learn, in a literally fast way at that. They try to catch our attention. Be it on a road trip or just tripping along the highways of the internet. They never fail to make us curious.

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