A farmer in the town of Quezon, Southern Palawan, was allegedly murdered on Tuesday night over a land dispute, according to a report from the Palawan Police Provincial Office (PPPO) released on Wednesday morning.

The victim, Gaudisio Parenzo, 53, a resident of Barangay Panitian in the said municipality, was fatally shot on April 25 by suspect Lamberto Taasan Jr., alias Jun, 46, also a resident of the area.

Based on the preliminary inquiry conducted by personnel of the Quezon Municipal Police Station (MPS), it was determined that on the night of the incident, Parenzo and his two sons were watching television at a neighbor’s house approximately 30 meters away from their own.

Around 8:00 p.m., Taasan went to Tessie’s Store to buy cigarettes and then left. Later, at about 9:30 p.m., the victim and his son were conversing in front of the aforementioned store, ready to walk home, when Taasan approached and shot him once with an unknown caliber pistol.

After receiving the report, the police initiated a hot pursuit operation and a follow-up investigation, accompanied by the eyewitness. They proceeded to the suspect’s residence, which was about 50 meters from the location of the crime, and positively recognized the suspect as the shooter.

The suspect was reported to be intoxicated and was discovered to have dumped his wet long sleeves and pants behind his house, which the witness confirmed as the items he wore during the incident. The firearm, however, has not been recovered.

The shooting was reportedly motivated by a land dispute and personal hostility between Taasan and Parenzo. Taasan is currently in custody at the Quezon MPS, and a murder case against him has been prepared and will be submitted through inquest proceedings.