Farmer dead in Brooke’s Point shooting incident

A 48-year old farmer died in a shooting incident Sunday in Barangay Pangobilian, Brookes Point. Police have yet to identify and apprehend the suspect.

The victim was identified as Rene Pagaduan, a resident of Pangobilian,

 unidentified suspect(s) around 7:30PM Sunday, at Barangay Pangobilian, Brookes Point, Palawan.

Police identified the victim as Rene Pagaduan, a resident of the said barangay. The police report on the incident stated that the victim was having dinner and drinking inside his residence when he was attacked by the still unidentified suspect.

Police investigators recovered from the crime scene four spent shells and three unspent cartridges for a 9-millimeter pistol.

The victim’s personal firearm, wallet and cell phone was also discovered to be missing which is believed to be taken away by the suspect(s) after the incident.

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