Screenshot from KMJS's March 6, 2023, episode on Youtube.

Magazine show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, or KMJS, became a top trending topic Tuesday on Twitter after the airing of the episode “Pinang-stan ang Nakaw”, which tells the story of Bea who allegedly stole P2 million from her grandmother to buy K-Pop merchandise for her collection.

K-Pop fans reacted on social media to criticize her recent episode, accusing her of not undertaking enough research to substantiate Bea’s story.

In the show, KMJS portrayed Bea as a senior high school student who was diagnosed with “impulsive control disorder,” which drove her to steal P2.7 million from family money to buy K-Pop collectibles, such as photo cards and albums, from her grandmother Agnes, who raised her alone.

Agnes, who earns a living by selling plastic products in a public market in Quezon City, was interviewed, saying “Gipit na gipit ako tapos ganoon-ganoon lang ginawa ni [Bea]”.

Screenshot of the limited edition photocards that reportedly costs P50,000 from KMJS’s March 6, 2023, episode on Youtube.

Bea’s aunt Jasmine was also interviewed and claimed that they are attempting to recover the lost funds by selling her niece’s collections.

However, many K-Pop fans were ready to unearth screenshots as “proof” contradicting the episode’s claims.

Netizen @sunooyeobo shared screenshots of Agnes’ Facebook posts, including one in which she referred to Bea as a “Future CEO” and urged her to view her online purchases.

“Check out their FB accounts. Parang di naman naghihirap. Also Future CEO Bea?” he posted.

Photos of their family vacations and luxury item purchases also surfaced in social media.

Agnes was also discovered to be a K-Pop fan, having followed several Korean stars and fan pages on Instagram.

Several netizens believe that the story is part of a marketing campaign because Bea’s family hopes to open a K-Pop merchandise store.

Threat to K-Pop stans
K-Pop fans also demanded that KMJS clarify its claim that a photocard costs P50,000.

Some stans have claimed to have been victims of theft and harassment since the report aired.

“A middle aged man (probably around 40-50s) stole my jimin dicon photocard. Literal na hinablot nya sa bag ko habang nagpophone ako sa bus,” a netizen complained.

“Shout out to @KM_Jessica_Soho ‘s research team. You made us look bad on national tv and also risked our safety. Imagine you only want to bring your pcs because you feel like you’re with your idol, but getting robbed because people thought all photocards are worth 50,000?!” @icedminwon tweeted.

Numerous also voiced their concerns about how law enforcement agencies will handle these instances.

“Wow report sa pulis rape cases and killings nga di nabibigyan ng justice yun pa kayang sabihin mo sa pulis na ninakaw yung photocard mo???” one netizen posted.

“Paano magrereport sa police?? ano sasabihin?? “nanakawan po ako ng photocard, papel po yun na may nakaprint na gwapo,” said @yangwonslove

KMJS issues statement
In response to the crimes that have been reported on social media that may be linked to the KMJS report and the questions about whether or not the case study is true, the program has released the following statement:

“Nakarating sa aming kaalaman ang tungkol sa isang online post na nagsasabing may nahablutan ng K-Pop merchandise sa MRT-Cubao. Inuugnay ito ng ilan na diumano bunsod ng pag-ere ng KMJS sa kuwento ni “Bea” na nagnakaw ng milyon sa kanyang pamilya para suportahan ang kanyang KPop collection.

Nakipag-ugnayan kami sa MRT-Cubao at sa iba pang kalapit na police stations para i-verify ang insidente. Ayon sa pamunuan ng MRT-Cubao at police stations, walang anumang opisyal na naiulat sa kanila na nanakawan o
nahablutan ng K-Pop merchandise sa nakalipas na 48 oras.

Gayumpaman, hinihikayat nilang mag-report sa kanilang tanggapan ang mga nagpakilalang biktima, o sinumang may katulad na insidente para magawan ng aksyon.

Nakikiusap ang pamilya ni “Bea” na tigilan na ang pang-aatake sa kanila online at pagbubunyag ng kanilang pagkakakilanlan. Lumapit sila sa KMJS para matulungang mabawi ang perang pinaghirapan nila.

Samantala, kinokondena naman ng pamunuan ng KMJS ang ginagawang trolling at harrassment ng ilang netizens sa aming staff na gumawa ng ulat tungkol kay “Bea”. Nakikipag-ugnayan na rin ang KMJS sa aming Legal Team para sa susunod na hakbang.

Tulad ng ibang mga kuwentong itinampok sa KMJS, ginawa namin ang istorya ni “Bea” hindi para manghusga, pero para magsilbing aral at babala. Walang intensyon ang programa na makasakit, makapahamak ng iba, o magkaroon ng pagkakahati-hati.”

To date, KMJS’ episode on Bea already has 1,497,920 views after premiering on March 6.