Four park rangers stationed at the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park (TRNP) were fetched by their families last Friday, April 14, after their two-month duty at the park.

The families of the four park rangers, including their wives and children, joined the trip to Tubbataha also had the chance to see the beautiful coral reefs as they went snorkeling while waiting for the trip back to Puerto Princesa City.

TRNP superintendent Angelique Songco said she wanted the families, especially the children, to personally see the condition of the rangers who live away from them during their duty.

She said this is the families’ first time visiting Tubbataha.

“I would like for their children and wives not to worry too much about where their [fathers and] husbands live and what the working conditions are, so when the fathers go home and talk about work, they can imagine,” Songco explained.

“Even one child came to me and asked, ‘Who takes care of the sharks, is it my dad?’ Isn’t that something to be proud of?” she added.

Furthermore, Songco explained that she wanted the kids to take pride and be proud of their fathers, who are often not around during their birthdays or Christmas celebrations.

“So I would like them to know that their fathers are doing something worthwhile, and it’s not just about themselves,” she said.

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