#ExpPalawan: A tranquil place called Port Barton

Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan (Photo by Edong Magpayo)

Sometimes, don’t you wonder where you can just get out of the city and into a more tranquil land? Where you can enjoy witnessing the sun settling over the horizon and clear and breathtaking waters in which you can dive in and be taken aback what this little island could offer. Have you ever wondered how rich in marine biodiversity the Cleanest and Greenest island in the Philippines is?

If you are looking for a quiet getaway, make a trip to the village of Port Barton, where pristine islands and glimmering waters invite you closer.

Port Barton is located in the Northwestern part of Palawan, about 124 kilometers from the city of Puerto Princesa, in the municipality of San Vicente. From the city proper, you will have to travel approximately two hours north up to Roxas. After driving up to Roxas, there will be directions pointing to the location of Port Barton. Turning to that direction, you will have to drive for another 30-60 minutes to reach the small and quiet village.

Be careful while being on the road though, since not all the roads are paved up to the village. You will encounter bumps and cracks. Also, the roads are constructed near cliffs. But worry not, for there are barriers to prevent accidents.

Despite the tedious path, the view along the way is absolutely breathtaking. Seeing the lush forests that Palawan boasts as well as the huts that are abundant in the area. Those huts aren’t usually complete without rice fields surrounding it. You could truly say that it’s almost as if going back to the roots of yesterday.

Aside from farming sites, you could see that Port Barton is a place rich in flora. But, hold on, you haven’t seen the best of it yet.

Upon arriving in the village, you are welcomed with the abundance of transient homes and restaurants that offer true Palaweño cuisine. They offer affordable rates for those who want to stay a couple of days in the barangay.

Numerous  boatmen also offer island tour packages to destinations such as the German Island, Paradise Island, Exotic Island, and also the diving spots like the Twin Reef, a place which takes you into an otherworldly experience of cool waters and rich marine seemingly so close, yet so far from your fingertips. The shores of these islands are lined with glistening white sand, the sea with crystal clear water.

Aside from beaches, the Pamuayan Falls is also located in Port Barton, which is about four kilometers away from the mainland of the said townlet. The only way to go to your destination is to walk. The path towards the falls may be a little exhausting, but the view is spectacular.

As you walk closer towards Pamuayan Falls, various species of flora will be evident in the area much alike the ones you may have encountered on the road towards Port Barton. Combined with the cool and pristine waters of Pamuayan splashing against your body, you’ll be able to admire yet again, the beauty of nature.

Port Barton as a whole is aesthetically pleasing with all the white sand beaches and fiery yet calming sunsets. It really takes you into another world away from all the bustling and industrialized city. With all its remoteness and simplicity, truly you will appreciate what more Mother Earth has to offer to her stewards.


(Kisha Sharonne Escaño is a Junior High student at the Holy Trinity University.)


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