#ExpPalawan: The amazing Kuyawyaw Falls of Taytay

Kuyawyaw Falls

Most people have a very treasured memory they cannot forget. Once you have gone to a place you can consider as your paradise, then you can say that it’s truly worth it. Kuyawyaw Falls is undoubtedly one of them.

You can find Kuyawyaw Falls in the “Star of the North” or the municipality of Taytay, Palawan. It is located in Barangay Cataban, a village of Taytay close to its  border with El Nido.

From Puerto Princesa, you will have to travel approximately three to four hours to arrive in Taytay. To arrive in Cataban, you will have to travel about 20 minutes in a motorcycle or a vehicle and trek in a jungle where you could find the hidden beauty of Kuyawyaw Falls.

The magical and truly breathtaking place is subdivided into three waterfalls. A 10 minute walk brings you to the first one of the said place, another ten minute walk to the second. The entrance fee to these two costs about P200 and an additional P200 if you wish to witness the most majestic one of them all.

It might be pricey, and the additional 15 minute trek to the falls is very challenging But once you’ve arrived, you could only admire God’s creation and be one with nature. Maybe you would even breathe out, “Wow. This is absolutely spectacular!”

The thick arrays of trees and plants bring complete amazement to the visitors. Combined with the turquoise water of the falls, it is completely breathtaking. The shade that the trees provide makes the falls a perfect place to relinquish in the rich nature and find peace within yourself. Truly, it is like a touch from heaven.

Every once in a while, we seek for new and absolutely foreign experiences, whether they may be frightening or completely rewarding. Once you have experienced something that made you feel a certain rush, you start to look for that euphoric feeling. Again and again. The best thing to do to chase that rush again is to find it in unknown places, in places that you have never seen before. Maybe in this process, you can also find yourself in your very own sanctuary of solitude.

(Kisha Sharonne Escaño is a Junior High student at  the Holy Trinity University.)

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