Wildlife experts have collaborated to develop a comprehensive manual to guide law enforcers and wildlife managers in the proper handling of confiscated and rescued wildlife.

Indira Dayang Lacerna-Widmann, Chief Operating Officer of the Katala Foundation noted that the manual is specifically tailored for the management of rescued and confiscated animals in Palawan.

“The manual focuses on providing best practice procedures for the care and management initially of cavity-nesting birds, the most commonly confiscated wildlife in the Province,” Lacerna-Widmann explained.

“It is however hoped that its scope will eventually be expanded to encompass all wildlife species in need of proper management during and after rescue and confiscation,” she added.

Drawing upon the best practice recommendations of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Lacerna- Widmann considers the creation of the manual a significant step forward in safeguarding the welfare and preservation of Palawan’s biodiversity.

“By adhering to the principles and procedures outlined in this manual, practitioners can significantly contribute to reducing the suffering of rescued animals, protecting personnel, preventing damage to wildlife populations, and ultimately fostering positive conservation outcomes,” she said.

Lacerna-Widmann also expressed gratitude to DENR-BMB, UPLB-College of Veterinary Medicine, PWRCC, and PCSDS Director Atty. Teodoro J Matta for their contributions in the drafting of the manual as she hopes that their work will be widely distributed and continually updated and expanded in scope in the future.

“The dedication and expertise of everyone in the workshop have made it possible to set a new benchmark for wildlife management in Palawan,” she remarked.

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