The Dr. Jose Rizal District Hospital in Rizal in southern Palawan. (Photo courtesy of the Palawan Provincial Information Office)

The Palawan provincial board has passed a resolution calling for the establishment of online health care services in all provincial government-operated hospitals.

The board called for the creation of a program it dubbed “Tele-kalusugan para sa Palaweno” which will allow patients to seek medical attention and care using the internet.

Board Member Ryan Maminta, who authored the resolution, said it is an approach of providing health care services and self-management of patients at a distance from health care providers.

“The innovations which center on the use of available technology and telecommunications are making advancements in the delivery of private and public services to the people,” he said.

He noted that the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the use of information and communications technology (ICT) to deliver medical services and information across a distance.

“The telehealth in this time of crisis and the ensuing new normal can be of great benefit to Palaweños primarily those who are in the so-called “vulnerable sectors” like senior citizens, persons with disabilities, pregnant mothers, and the youth,” Maminta said.

He added that once the program is established in all public hospitals operated by the Provincial Government of Palawan, the use of telecommunications in the delivery of health-related services will greatly aid individuals situated in geographically isolated households, sitios, and barangays in the Province of Palawan.