El Nido tour guide Ervin Limco with the owner of the wallet. | Photos from Gwendolyn Galido Padua

Ervin Limco, a tourist guide in El Nido town, is being praised for his honesty after he returned a lost wallet containing around P50,000 in cash to its owner on April 26.

Limco found the wallet while on duty at El Nido’s 7 Commando Beach. The wallet contained several valuable items, including ATM cards, a driver’s license, and some identification cards. Despite the substantial amount of cash in the wallet, Limco didn’t think twice about returning it to its owner.

“It’s a 4DR5. I found it on 7 Commando Beach. One of our tourists lost his wallet, which contained IDs, ATM cards, a license, and cash worth around 50K pesos and dollars,” he said Wednesday in a post.

“Luckily, I found it, and the guest was so thankful. He didn’t expect that someone would find and return it to him. It was my pleasure to give honor by returning his valuable things, and I was thankful as well that I was the one who found it. I just want to say that as a tour guide, I am proud to say that honesty is the best policy,” he added.