[Updated] El Nido has once again added another feather in Palawan’s hat after earning the 4th spot on the Top 100 Beaches on Earth of the worldbeachguide.com list.

In an announcement, the website described the town as “more than just a single beach” that comprises around “50 beaches set among a series of small islands, towering marble cliffs, lush tropical vegetation, ancient caves and enchanting lagoons”.

“As if that wasn’t enough, El Nido is the largest marine sanctuary in the Philippines with turtles, sea cows and whale sharks all native,” the website wrote.

The local government of El Nido welcomed the news through a Facebook post by encouraging the townspeople to press on despite the challenges they are facing.

“Again and again! What a news to take pride [in], push El Nido, push El Nidonians!” they posted.

*** EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was updated to correct that the source is worldbeachguide.com and not worldbeachguide.org