To demonstrate their commitment to their coastline, NGOs, residents, and barangay officials of Aberawan in El Nido, northern Palawan, conducted a mangrove planting event on June 5.

Barangay Aberawan Captain Dante Reynoso said they are grateful that their area was chosen as a mangrove rehabilitation site.

He said that their barangay has an ordinance to prevent illegal activities in Aberawan. Every year, they allocate funds for tree planting.

Although the amount is not substantial, the spirit of community cooperation is evident among the residents and those from nearby barangays.


“[In] our barangay, we have an ordinance to stop illegal activities within the mangrove area. Every year, the barangay can give an allocation for the tree planting activity. We have a budget, but not so big,” he said.

Approximately 190 residents and barangay officials participated in planting over 5,000 mangrove propagules in a one-hectare coastal area in Sitio Langib-langiban.

He emphasized the importance of mangroves to their community, as they serve as breeding grounds for fish, which are a vital food source.