Local elections are integral to democratic governance within a jurisdiction. Through the mechanism of elections, local politicians are held responsible for their actions and its consequences. Through elections, they are compelled to introduce policies that should be reflective of and responsive to the public it serves

They are driven to introduce policies that are reflective of and responsive to the population they serve as a result of elections. Regrettably, many people vote solely for the purpose of voting, rather than for how they will lead them. That is why, in preparation for the May 2022 elections, Gabay Kalinga Foundation, Inc. has decided to host a series of forums with local candidates in Rizal, Palawan, in order to educate residents on how to navigate the elections that will determine their well-being for the next three (3) years.

This exercise would further elevate their knowledge and absorption of how to determine what kind of political voter one would be. Lastly, Gabay Kalinga would always aim to protect the people by making sure that all these things would be ingrained not only for this generation but for the next ones.

Gabay Kalinga Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that focuses to alleviate the lives of the people for the better within the communities of Southern Palawan. It has always been firm in establishing harmonious relations between the communities and those of relevant stakeholders in the jurisdiction it serves.

On March 28, 2022, it shall hold the first of its 6-day inclusive forums series wherein the people can intelligently discern who to vote for while the candidates explain thoroughly their platforms to ensure diligent choices amongst the electorate. The series will end on April 2, 2022, and it is the most fervent wish that the inhabitants of Rizal, Palawan may gauge to their best abilities the people they would want to call leaders.

The foundation’s co-founder, Maria Cecilia S. Chang, expresses: “Ngayon taon iba sa mga nakaraan. Etong mga forum na gagawin ay hindi lamang makakapagbigay liwanang sa mga tao ng kakailanganin nilang kaalaman sa pagpili ng mga taong iuupo sa susunod na administration dito sa Rizal, Palawan pero etong mga matututunan natin lahat ay pwede maidala hanggang sa mga susunod na generations dahil makakapaglagay na tayong lahat ng standard ng magandang pamumuno.”

In local political parties, the interests of their members are more important than those of the party as a whole. They do not select qualified candidates with care because they are concerned with gaining the most popularity in order to have the best chance of winning an election. In some cases, candidates of a party do not convey their platforms to the local electorate but rather promote their parties solely.
Sa lahat ng nangyayari sa Rizal, etong series na isasagawa ng Gabay Kalinga ay hindi lamang magpo-promote ng pagkakaisa sa mga tao, sa botante at kandidato, pero dahil dito, mapapalakas natin ang mga prinsipyo ng foundation na i-elevate, i-educate, at i-protect ang lahat.

Safe to say that the people of Rizal, Palawan shall always be a top priority, and with this line of events coming up next week, not only will the people be elevated to their best, educated to the utmost, but will be protected all throughout.

Atty. Maria Liavel Chua Badillo-Crisostomo is a perfect example of hard work and good ethics. These traits have allowed her to excel in a wide range of areas. Without leaving aside her corporate legal practice, she advocates for tribal rights and their development in present society. She has assisted in different programs that were designed to tackle poverty and hunger within the South of Palawan and other areas she can give assistance to. No one can’t deny that her human side is admirable. Atty. Lia still considers herself as a hopeful person and will always stand up for what is right and just.