How clueless can you be not to realize that owning a chopper nowadays is not necessarily a case of extravagance, but a statement of practicality and even frugality?

Yes, Karen, with all due respect to your skills in journalistic inquiry, it is judgmental to imply that Mayor Guo, who swears by simplicity, has no business owning a helicopter. Try selling enough hog meat to make a profit, and then let’s see how you would use your hard-earned profit to address the challenge of efficiently commuting from your farm to the mayor’s office.

In a world where everyone is obsessed with having the latest phone models, why not a helicopter, which is not a luxury but a testament to smart living? A helicopter gets you from point A to point B in a straight line as you hover through the snarling traffic below, so you never miss an important appointment. It is a best practice in efficiency, and good governance in Mayor Guo’s case. The little inconvenience of messing up your hair as you sprint from the landing platform to the building is par for the course.

With a helicopter, you don’t add to road congestion and traffic. A helipad atop your house or building frees up valuable ground space that you can use for a nice vegetable patch or table tennis to keep fit. What can be more efficient and practical than that?

A chopper is also a smart investment and proof that the good mayor had learned valuable business insights from her Chinese father, who taught her the winning formula, a la Tibetan monk learning kung fu in a desolate mountain. From a financial literacy perspective, a helicopter is also an asset, unlike a car, which is a liability considering that she can now sell it at least double to the many collectors out there who must want it as a trophy.

There is also an environmental argument to be made here, starting off with comparing the greenhouse gas emissions produced by cars in a traffic jam to a quick and gas-efficient chopper ride. And as technology advances, soon we will have helicopters silently humming in the air on sheer renewable energy.

We see Mayor Guo’s point about being a true Filipino aspiring for a good life. She’s the epitome of a regular Pinay, no different from those who continue to toil in sweatshop factories or OFW jobs, and she has aptly demonstrated that success lies in the clouds.