The year 2020 will undoubtedly leave an impact for the years to come in different aspects of man’s lifesocial, economic and environmental because of the COVID-19. But not all of them are necessarily negative.

For a large portion of urban dwellers, COVID-19 means being trapped in the four corners of their homes, deprived of the comforts and luxuries that they previously just take for granted including the gift of being able to enjoy nature.

The worldwide lockdown forced industries to shut down. On a positive note, there is a big decline in the emitted nitrogen dioxide in the air brought about by these industries. Proof of this are the images posted by Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA), the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA satellite footage showing a cleaner earth’s air space. Reading between the lines, the environment has benefitted from the pandemic.

Looking in a micro-setting, COVID-19 will create a global paradigm shift that will impact how our daily lives will evolve. In the face of threat, heightened fear and anxiety, the world is in the brink of uncertainty. Man needs more than just to look for the silver lining. Humanity needs to focus at the brighter side to cope with the situation and use these positive experiences to move on.

Let me share these simple concepts, which I have read somewhere, to serve as inspiration and motivation during your “homestay” or “limited mobility”.

Unity, collaboration and harmony are being called forward in the hope of birthing a successful global response. On the macro global level, the world must act as one. Even though we cannot hold each other’s hand to show our solidarity yet in the spirit we need to be one in this together.

When the world is in chaos, we need to work hard to set boundaries, put up our internal filters and external boundaries to keep ourselves grounded and maintain our inner peace. Setting up boundaries may include limiting news and social media consumption or asking our friends to limit anxiety producing conversations like discussing about the evil brought about by the virus or economic recessions.

Although we cannot avoid this adversity, we can practice how to bounce back and let the positive experiences that we have absorbed from this pandemic shape our character. COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge to strengthen ourselves and learn how to be resilient.

There is no doubt in my mind, we will come out of this pandemic a stronger person, more resilient country and united global community.

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