Dumaran roads lack funding

Three major road project under DILG face inadequate funding. Photo: Provincial Engineering Office

Three major road improvement projects in the remote town of Dumaran under the Department of Interior and Local Government’s (DILG) Kalsada Program have been suffering from inadequate funding, and authorities are unable to state when they will ever be completed.

Relly Madarcos, Provincial Engineering, Construction Division Officer, said this week the road construction projects in Dumaran roads were being undertaken on a piecemeal basis depending on the availability of funds including aggregate materials that they still have to import from other provinces.

Madarcos was referring to the road construction from Latungay, Taytay to Sta. Teresita, Dumaran which is about 5.8 kilometers, the Araceli- Dumaran Road A (Araceli- to Boundary of Dumaran) which is 7. 25 km and Araceli-Dumaran Road B (Boundary of Araceli to Poblacion) which is 4.6 km.

The project is under the Kalsada Program of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) availed by the provincial government, with a total budget of P138,516 million. Their construction began in November 2016 and are supposedly due for completion in December 2017.

Madarcos explained however that the funding allocation from the DILG is inadequate to complete the project and that they are relying on additional funds from the local government.

“Pinipili na namin ‘yung mga parte ng kalsada na taon-taon nasisira. Kaya ‘yung maliit na budget na ‘yun pinagkakasya natin para madispunihan ang mga kalsada na hindi maganda,” Madarcos said.

He explained that to complete the roads, they need to set aside a total budget of around P15 million which was not all coming from the DILG as part of it is supposed to be shouldered by the municipal government from its internal revenue allocation.

Madarcos also noted they are having difficulty sourcing the aggregates that are being used for road construction, adding that locally available aggregate materials do not meet quality standards. He said they are presently sourcing their aggregates from the province of Antique.

“Mahirap kasi kaya natatagalan kami ay ‘yung aggregates kulang na kulang. Wala tayong magagawa kasi kulang kaya nag-aangkat tayo,” he said.

Madarcos insisted however that the road conditions in Dumaran are now better than they were before when most of those roads used to be impassable to vehicles.

“Pero actually ang Dumaran ngayon maganda kumpara noong mga unang taon dati walang nakakdaan dyan na mga pampasahero”, Madarcos said.

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