DTI Palawan price monitoring in month of October. (Photo from DTI Palawan)

Candle prices in the market remain stable for nearly a week before All Souls’ Day. Still, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is urging Palawan residents to stock up on supplies ahead of time.

DTI Palawan information officer Persival Narbonita said prices have remained stable since January and are nearly identical to the rate set for 2021. Businesses in the city were checked on a weekly basis, while businesses in other towns were checked on a monthly basis.

Candles are one of the most commonly utilized goods during All Souls’ Day at cemeteries.

“Hindi ito gumagalaw-galaw parehas lang ang presyo simula January pero hindi natin alam sa papalapit na. May grupo kami na iikot para tingnan how far ang presyo nila compared last week o last month. Maganda kapag may SRP para mabigyan sila ng kopya. Ngayon wala pa movement,” he said.

The department also ensured a sufficient supply of candles in the local market. He added that there is a local manufacturer that contributes supplies to the local market aside from those coming from other parts of the country.

The usual brands of candles included in the monitoring are the 5-star Esperma, Export Candles, Liwanag, and Olympia, whose prices remain almost similar to last year.

The suggested retail price (SRP) is yet to be released by the department to guide establishments and consumers about the prices to follow. Narbonita said that DTI Palawan is following the SRP released in August to see the compliance of establishments.

He added that the recent monitoring was conducted from October 17 to October 21 and they will schedule another monitoring for this week.

“Payo natin sa mga mamimili na kung kaya nila na mamili ngayon, mas maganda. Huwag na bumili sa papalapit na talaga kasi hindi natin alam. Kadalasan naman may paggalaw man sa presyo ay hindi ‘yong leading stores kung hindi ‘yong mga namimili at iri-retail naman nila,” he said.