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The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) released Thursday the updated suggested retail prices (SRPs) of basic necessities and prime commodities, approving SRP increments for 73 units.

Data provided by DTI listed basic goods and prime commodities that hiked their SRPs, which include canned sardines, processed milk, bread, instant noodles, salt, detergent soap, bottled water, candles, processed canned meat and canned beef products, toilet soap, and battery.

Out of 73 shelf-keeping units (SKUs), 20 items have an SRP increase of 1 to 5 percent. These include 3 SKUs of canned sardines, four SKUs of instant noodles, four items of detergent soap, three bottled water, one processed canned meat, and canned beef, two units of toilet soap, and three SKUs of battery.

More SKUs have hiked their SRPs between 6 and 10 percent with 43 units in the list, including canned sardines (2), processed milk (7), bread (2), salt (6), detergent soap (2), bottled water (4), candles (8), processed canned meat and canned beef products (7), toilet soap (4), and battery (1).

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Ten SKUs have an SRP increment of above 10 percent, which includes one SKU each of detergent soap and bottle water soap and eight SKUs of candles.

DTI’s previous SRP update was on Aug. 29, 2021. (PNA)

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