In the wake of the recent online uproar sparked by a takoyaki store’s controversial marketing stunt on April Fool’s Day, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has issued a reminder to businesses regarding the necessity of securing permits from the agency before conducting such activities.

DTI Assistant Secretary Amanda Nograles emphasized in an interview with Bagong Pilipinas Ngayon on Thursday, April 11,  that marketing stunts fall under the category of sales promotions, thereby requiring businesses to obtain permits from DTI.

Nograles emphasized that DTI has authority over such activities and stressed the importance of complying with regulations.

The takoyaki store “Taragis” sparked the controversy with a Facebook post in which it challenged people to tattoo the Taragis logo on their foreheads in exchange for a P100,000 prize.

Despite the post’s disclaimer, the event drew online criticism when a person displayed the logo tattooed on his forehead, seeking to claim the prize.

In response to the backlash, Taragis later admitted that the stunt was a marketing ploy, revealing that the individual who got the tattoo was a collaborator.

Nograles acknowledged that while such activities may serve promotional purposes, establishments must secure permits from DTI to avoid violating regulations.

Failure to obtain the necessary promo permit from DTI could result in legal repercussions for businesses conducting promotional activities without proper authorization.

Nograles highlighted that the DTI has a dedicated team monitoring both the onsite and online activities of establishments to ensure compliance with regulations.

Nograles also urged consumers to exercise caution and discernment when participating in sales promotions, emphasizing the importance of reading the mechanics and terms and conditions of such activities.

We also encourage consumers to report any establishments engaging in promotional activities without DTI permits.