Police in Balabac are looking for one of two suspects who stabbed and wounded two fishermen in Brgy. Mangsee on the night of March 13.

Assep Bassan, 26, is currently the subject of a police manhunt, after he and his companion Patty Hassan, 27, allegedly stabbed Jovani Yu, 45, and Delman Taril, 41.

Hassan was apprehended with the aid of the victims’ relatives, while Bassan managed to flee.

According to initial reports from the Balabac police, the suspects, both intoxicated, insulted Vanzes Sibly Saide in front of his sari-sari store in Mangsee.

Saide’s nephew, Taril, rushed to his aid and told the suspects to leave the area. Bassan, however, stabbed him in the stomach.

Yu attempted to help by calming them down, but he was also stabbed by both suspects.

The victims were brought to Balabac District Hospital for treatment before being moved to Puerto Princesa City for additional care.

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