The provincial board has approved a resolution requesting the Department of Public Works in Highways (DPWH) to provide protected bicycle lanes in main roads and national highways.

Board member Cherry Pie Acosta, author of the approved resolution, said as an effort to improve safety measures for all road users and reduce traffic fatalities, the resolution seeks to provide protected bike lanes in all main roads and highways in Palawan.

“Bicycle lanes are an exclusive lane intended for the bicycle riding commuters which shall be installed in the major roads and highways,” Acosta said.

She said that some of the Palaweños are currently using bicycles as a means of transportation, particularly those who cannot afford to purchase motorcycle and tricycle.

It is also used as an alternative solution to the high prices of fuel, increasing fares and high cost of vehicles.

She also encourages the public to use bicycles to halt the deterioration of the environment and air pollution, which would cause harmful effects on health and productivity.

“In accordance with the objective for national development, is the main engineering and construction arm of the government responsible in planning, design, construction, and maintenance of all public infrastructure facilities,” Acosta said.