The second engineering district of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has initiated a project to widen Parian Bridge 2 along the South Road in Narra town in response to increasing traffic demands and the need to improve transportation infrastructure.

The 2nd Palawan District Engineering Office of the DPWH said Monday in a port that this strategic endeavor aims to accommodate more vehicular lanes, ultimately enhancing connectivity and safety for motorists traversing the town.

Engineer Noel Fuentebella reported to DPWH Mimaropa Regional Director Gerald Pacanan that the project entails the construction of two units of 2-lane steel bridges. Each bridge boasts dimensions of 9.20 meters in width and 16.40 meters in length, strategically positioned on both sides of the existing Parian Bridge 2.

In addition to expanding the bridge itself, the project includes important components such as bridge approaches with pavement and a sidewalk on the right side, as well as slope protection measures.

To further bolster safety measures and enhance visibility, the DPWH 2nd DEO said the project incorporates the installation of metal guardrails, solar studs, and LED street lights. These are specifically designed to optimize safety conditions, particularly during nighttime travel.

Spanning 291.428 square meters, the bridge upgrade project augments the road’s capacity, effectively alleviating congestion and reducing travel times for motorists navigating the area.

Further, the implementation of enhanced safety features contributes to a safer driving environment, particularly during low-light conditions. The inclusion of a sidewalk also facilitates improved pedestrian access, ensuring a more inclusive and accessible transportation network.

“Overall, this upgrade supports the socio-economic development of Narra, Palawan and its neighboring communities by fostering a more reliable and efficient transportation network,” the DPWH Mimaropa said.