(Photo courtesy of DPWH - Mimaropa Region FB page)

The engineering office of the Department of Public Works and Highways in the 2nd District of Palawan has completed the construction of a road network expected to boost economic growth in the municipality of Brooke’s Point through tourism.

Lada National Road leading to Mainit Falls in Barangay Pangobilian, Brooke’s Point, has already been completed, according to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in Mimaropa on Monday, citing a report from Palawan 2nd District Engineer Noel Fuentebella to Regional Director Gerald Pacanan.

The road will reportedly address longstanding connectivity challenges, particularly since Mainit Falls is a known destination in the town.

Fuentebella’s report stated that it measures 6.10-meters in width and 230-mm in thickness.

By bridging the gap between Lada National Road and Mainit Falls, the project not only facilitates smoother and reduced travel time but also fosters economic growth through improved access to tourism sites.

Moreover, it enhances emergency response capabilities, ensuring timely assistance during crises. 

Thus, the road project underscores the government’s commitment to infrastructure development, fostering growth and prosperity in Palawan’s diverse landscape.