The provincial government has asked that the tourism department to put up extra rest stops in popular sites in Palawan.

It was proposed following the Department of Tourism’ (DOT) groundbreaking in Roxas town, northern Palawan, for the development of a Tourist Rest Area (TRA)—its showpiece initiative that includes a cafe, automated teller machine, novelty store, information area, and a mobile charging station to provide travelers with ease and comfort.

Board member Ariston Arzaga, author of the measure, said Resolution No. 757-23 seeks DOT Sec. Christina Frasco’s support in establishing more TRAs, especially in frequented travel spots in the province for the convenience of visitors.

“Our challenge: improving competitiveness, especially as it relates to tourism, requires a holistic, multi stakeholder approach, thus, we proposed the establishment of additional TRAs in the top and most visited destinations in the province of Palawan to provide seamless travel and convenience,” Arzaga said.

“The gains of the industry and significant increase in tourists indicate the need for developing tourist facilities, as failure to address these challenges may reduce the competitiveness of the tourism industry in the province,” he added.

Arzaga also underlined that local governments must try to provide facilities and services that exceed the minimum requirement since tourists deserve nothing less.

“Imagine a one-day stay in 1,000 accommodations in a particular tourist destination. ‘Pag ganyan, papano natin ma-maintain ang cleanliness and sanitary ng kapaligiran? So, facilities and services are a must to maintain. A tourist deserves no less, as they spend hundreds of thousands contributing to the local economy to visit our beautiful place, and should be accorded due importance to a pleasant, peaceful, and safe stay in the province,” he said.

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