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 The power crisis is now upon us. But it is not caused by typhoon or any calamity that toppled power lines and downed power plants. But it is caused by the blatant non-compliance of DMCI Power Corporation (DMCI) of its power supply agreement.

This is the main cause of frequent and long brownouts we have to regularly endured. We lack power supply. No more, no less.

What’s the price we have to pay for a simple yet hard to understand problem we face today?

Palaweños are struggling to light candles just to be able to eat because of the brownouts. Patients in the hospital need to endure the pain because operations cannot be done. Babies crying in the middle of the night because they cannot endure the uncomfortable environment.

The present power situation would have been less painful if DPC shows a little more concern to the people of Palawan.

For a power giant as big as DPC money should not be an issue if it truly cares about the plight of the people.

If we put monetary value to the opportunity lost because of brownouts the riches of DMCI Power Corporation will never be enough.

What we expect from DPC, a company owned by the top 7 richest man with P182.9 billion assets according to Forbes Magazine, is to bring in additional generator sets no matter how much would it cost just to be able to fulfill its obligation.

Is this difficult? NO and YES. No if they truly cares for the people. YES if they consider money above integrity and accountability which should be a part of the corporate values of DMCI.

Again, we in Palawan News would like to engage you to think about this question, is DMCI worthy of our trust to be part of Palawan’s journey towards economic growth?

From the way DMCI acts, your thought is as good as ours

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