Inside the classroom, the lesson is taught first and the test comes afterward. Outside the classroom, the test comes first and the lesson is learned later. They say experience is the best teacher.

Behind its ravaging disaster of COVID-19, we learn some down-to-earth basic lessons. Before the outbreak of this viral pandemonium, life in many parts of the world was fast, everyone was in a hurry to go everywhere and anywhere, from dawn to dusk, sunrise to sunset, many cities “don’t sleep”, businesses go on, as usual, many people make the night a day and day a night. Parks, malls, beaches, restaurants, hotels, avenues, etc. were teeming with fun and people all over the world. That was the face of the earth, it looked cute, but now it’s acute!

COVID-19 drove many people away from those places back into their homes. Many families are in one roof again together that fragmented for some reason. Many were glued to long working hours, spending much time everywhere except home. These people are members of the so-called “ MOUTH” congregation, “More Out Usually Than Home”. Others were focused on the top of the trees and had forgotten the roots” so to speak. Maybe this is God’s way of telling us that we’ve forgotten Him when things are fine and where we came from. Now perhaps more than ever, let’s focus on Him, in prayer, and in faith. With God’s control, nothing is out of control. Stay calm and trust Jesus.

From the onslaught of COVID-19, earthly power and wealth have no match. Scientists and medics scamper for the cure, but none thus far as of this writing, March 17, 2020. There’s one sure solution to this viral monster, God. He only can disinfect the earth, therefore let’s put our trust in Him. We too must do our part and cooperate with the mandate of the Church. Faith without work is dead. (James 2: 14-26).

We learn to slow down and reminded of the importance of prayer, especially at these trying times. We must support each other. Let’s pray for those afflicted, the medics and others risking their lives working round-the-clock, exposed to the virus. We learn to humble ourselves, after all, no matter how rich, young, healthy, educated and powerful you are, Corona respects no one and will assault you.

Nowadays, the world is on the defensive against its fury. Let’s turn to the Divine Mercy and with trust, we can overcome panic into peace.

On the flips side, someone said that that you’ll never be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined. Good things come for those who work for it. When you focus on the good, the good gets better. I’d rather stay quiet than explain my problems to people who don’t care. Peace begins from within, if you’re not peaceful inside, the world you see will be chaotic. One of the lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm. Amen on that folks!!

St. Faustina wrote Jesus’ words; “Why are you afraid? Do you think that I will not have enough omnipotence to support you? (527).

Pray the Divine Mercy every 3 p.m. Daily pray the Chaplet of Mercy and the Holy Rosary especially during this bleak period brought by COVID-19.
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