Disney Pixar’s “Coco”: Family, Forgiveness, Music, and Shoes

I spent my Monday night in Cinema 4 of Robinsons watching one of the best movies of 2017. With an emotional five-year old sitting on my lap, I found myself laughing, crying, screaming, and cheering during Disney Pixar’s “Coco”, and we both went home with fuller hearts.

Set in colorful Mexico during Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, the movie revolves around Miguel Rivera, an aspiring musician from a family of proud shoemakers that has banned music from their lives because of a grudge from generations ago.  In a desperate attempt to prove himself, he ends up in the Land of the Dead, and embarks on an adventure searching for his idol, Ernesto De la Cruz, the most “famous musician of all time.”

What I really loved about the movie, besides the beautiful music, colorful animation, and the funniest family, were the many layers of storytelling in it, from lessons about putting family first to deciding whether your dreams are worth sacrificing everything for.

Here are my favorite quotes and moments from the movie:

“I’m hard on you because I care, mijo.”

  • Miguel’s abuelita is matapang, hardworking, and immensely loyal to her family, just like my own Lola  She runs the Rivera family with her sharp tongue and no-nonsense attitude and while at first she seems controlling and over the top, she really cares about her family and only wants what she believes is best for them. She delivers her line with a lot of heart and made me and a lot of people in the audience say to ourselves, “Lola ko ‘yan ah!

“Being a part of this family means you are here for THIS family.”

  • Delivered again by Miguel’s abuelita, this line is a classic lola When Miguel wanted to run off during Dia de los Muertosto join a singing competition, Abuelita insisted that he stay home to celebrate with his family. A big part of this movie emphasizes the importance of putting family first, and this scene is the perfect example of that.

“Success doesn’t come for free. You have to do whatever it takes to seize your moment.”

  • To Miguel, these words said by his idol, Ernesto De La Cruz, are words he aspires to live by. Success takes a lot of time, hard work, and patience and the willingness to take any opportunity you find. But one wonders how far one must go for her “moment.”

“That is what families are supposed to do, support you. But you never do.”

  • During one of the more serious parts of the movie, Miguel is hurt by the actions of his family members from the Land of the Dead and their unwillingness to accept Miguel’s dream of becoming a musician because of their family’s bad history with Miguel’s great-great grandfather, who was also a musician. This really hit me hard, not because my family is unsupportive, but because they are the complete opposite. I can’t imagine how I would’ve ended up if my parents didn’t encourage me to follow my passions, and my heart definitely broke a little after this heavy scene.

“You don’t have to forgive him, but we shouldn’t forget him.”

  • The movie is driven by Miguel’s desire to find his great-great grandfather in the Land of the Dead, whom he believed is the only person in his family who would support his dreams. The reason his family banned music from their lives was because of their bitterness and desire to forget the same great-great grandfather who left the family to pursue his dreams of being a musician and who never returned. However, in a big emotional plot twist, Miguel delivers his line towards his family and long-lost great-great grandfather, reminding them that family is family, and that our ancestors are a part of who we are, that we should honor and remember them no matter what. Why wasn’t I crying again?

Overall, “Pixar magic” did it again and brought serious topics to light in a heartwarming movie for all ages, just as they succeeded in doing  in “Inside Out” and “Toy Story 3”. Even though I’m sure most of the audience found the movie very emotional, we left the theater happy and satisfied. I can personally say that “Coco” is now one of my favorite Disney movies of all time and I am seriously thinking of watching it again to experience all the “feels” one more time.

Have you seen “Coco” yet? Let me know what you think at suarez.pet@gmail.com. Send me some movie recommendations, too.

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