Tipid and Fun Tips with a Heart this Valentine’s

Do you wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone without breaking the bank?

Spending less but getting more seems impossible, but here are some few “tipid” and fun suggestions for the special occasion.


For those who want to have a romantic dinner, many restaurants come up with special treats and menu, and offer discounts, freebies, and packages for couples and even for a barkada of “singles”.

You could also have the best date ever with buy-one-take-one deals at participating food options at SM City Puerto Princesa starting February 8 to 16.

Yes, Valentine’s is a season now. Before, it used to be just one day, but now restaurants have the idea that people will start dating that week.

Made with Love

Instead of just going out for dinner and a movie, you might also want to do something unique with your partner.

Make lasting memories with fun DIY couple activities such as chocolate making or arrangement of own flowers. There’s a cupcake decorating fair at Sabie Bakes on Feb. 12, so visit the SM City Puerto Princesa Facebook Page for more details.

You can do many different things, actually. It’s even highly recommended to join the rest of the City in planting mangrove trees on February 14.

Love at Every Corner

Celebrate your love story with iconic romance movie lines at the Photo Op display of SM City Puerto Princesa.

Make it more memorable by dressing up similar to your favorite movie pair. Grab those movie-worthy at a discount at select stores of SM.

Paper Works

Since the price of flowers usually goes up in the days leading to February 14, you can get or even make paper flowers for your loved one. Plastic roses are a no-no; giving them says something different.

Also, you may write your special greeting on a specialty paper with a touch of your creativity instead of going digital. There are various paper options and art materials at SM Stationery at The SM Store and National Bookstore, do check them out.

However, you wish to celebrate Valentine’s, finding and nourishing your connection with the people you love is what truly counts. So, as long as you’re open to that feeling or that kind of excitement, then you can’t really go wrong.