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City Councilor Herbert Dilig is seeking to amend the ordinance that prohibits the use of modified mufflers that exceed the 70 decibel noise limit.

Dilig proposes that the existing ordinance should no longer be in effect since the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has already published a new guideline on the subject, which is a 99 decibel limit.

“Dito sa ating panukalang ordinansa, ang bawal ay yung lalagpas ka ng 90 decibels, ibig sabihin, kahit i-modify mo ang tambutso mo okay lang yan, basta huwag lang lalampas sa 99 decibels. Kasi maraming nagmo-modiy para gumanda lang, mayroon namang iba para umingay, hindi maganda yon,” Dilig said.

Included in his proposed ordinance is also the acquisition of decibel meters that traffic enforcers can use on the road to measure the noise being emitted by vehicles.

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The use of the meter, added Dilig, will enable them to have proof in the event that they need to arrest a driver whose vehicle’s noise level is over the legal limit.

The proposed amendment has been referred to the City Council’s committee on transportation for further study.

Currently, City Ordinance No. 819 mandates that the owners of vehicles with modified mufflers exceeding the 70 noise level will be fined P2,500 for first offense, P3,500 for second, and P5,000 for last and final offense with possible imprisonment. (MCE/PIA MIMAROPA)

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