Benjamin Abalos Jr., Secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Affairs, issued a warning that retiring will not make it possible for narco cops to avoid investigation and prosecution.

This is because the Advisory Group and the National Police Commission (NPC) are going to be guided by the evidence that is currently available.

“The process does not end upon the acceptance of courtesy resignation,” he said Monday.

“As I previously stated, even if a police official is allowed to retire for the time being, the monitoring and investigation must continue, to gather evidence that may lead to eventual criminal prosecution,” he added.

Abalos stated that the DILG must always adhere to the rule of law, and as a lawyer, he wants to ensure that cases filed will be successful and can withstand court scrutiny.

He said that the retirement of police officers who had been involved with illegal drugs does not mean that they are off the hook because the Department will still build solid cases against them and prosecute them if the evidence warrants it.

“Huwag nilang akalain na kapag nagretire na sila ay lusot na sila. Hindi po. Tuloy-tuloy ang monitoring, tuloy-tuloy ang case build-up sa kanila. The long arm of the law is bound to get them,” he said.

“Our justice system is founded upon the principle that we protect the innocent and make sure that only the guilty are punished. That is our solemn duty, and we will not rest until this is carried out,” Abalos stressed.