The Department of Education (DepEd) encourages online enrollment or enrollment by drop box forms in addition to physical enrollment, which is when parents or students go to the school to sign up.

In a Department Order issued by DepEd Secretary and Vice President Sara Duterte, these other ways to sign up for school reflect the health and safety restrictions that are currently in place in the country.

Under the “enhanced” enrollment rules, parents or students can still choose to sign up in-person as long as they follow basic health and safety rules.

Enrollees may also fill out enrollment forms and drop them in dropboxes in schools and other places like barangay halls where printed copies of enrollment forms will be available and provided by the respective school.

As another option, they may enroll online by filling out digital forms and sending them to the school’s email or other messaging platforms.

In line with the School Calendar and Activities for SY 2022-2023 also issued earlier by DepEd, the enrollment period will be from July 25 to August 22.

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