The agriculture department’s Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) has embarked on a project to boost poultry farming in Palawan.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) said the initiative, allocated ₱2.6 million, is designed to enhance local egg production by aiding three associations: the Rizal Rural Improvement Club (RRIC) and Rizal-Lucban Farmers Livelihood Association (RLFLA) in Magsaysay, along with the AbBaCa Farmers Association in Agutaya.

At the center of the project is the deployment of 290 ready-to-lay chickens, complemented by the distribution of 10 chicken cages, 150 bags of feed, and 24 bottles of veterinary medicines and vitamins, to maximize egg production efficiency.

This strategic intervention is poised to significantly benefit Palawan’s agricultural sector by offering farmers a profitable venture through egg sales. Selected for their rapid maturation and superior egg-laying capabilities, the ready-to-lay chickens are set to bolster small-scale poultry ventures.

Between November 22, 2023, and January 26, 2024, the associations involved have reported an impressive net income of ₱132,110 from the sale of 23,250 eggs, demonstrating the project’s positive impact on their earnings.

The local community has warmly received this initiative, recognizing its potential to reduce dependence on egg imports from Iloilo and Manila and to make locally-produced eggs more affordable. By sustaining the local egg supply, the project aims not only to lower prices for consumers but also to improve the economic standing of the farmers and their communities. (JJGS/PIA MIMAROPA)