DAGIT’ to have positive outcome in PN-PAF

Following the Interoperability Exercise (IOX) of Philippine Navy and Philippine Airforce “DAGIT” or “Dagat at Langit” aims to increase and hone the skills of the personnels through reacting the different life scenario different parts of the Palawan, started this May 29- June 7.



“They will be able to execute or perform the mandates of the command properly related to peace and order”, said Colonel Camilo Balutan, Deputy Commander for Marine Operation as he represent Commodore Rommel Jude Ong, Commander of Naval Forces West.



Different activities includes in this annual exercise are the Airfield Seizure( Airport Capture) in Rio Tuba Airport with MBLT4, Hostage and Recovery Operations at Sabang Beach participated by Naval Special Operation Group (NavSOG) using the Patrol Craft 374 and 375 of the PN.



Also they conduct a Beach Landing Search, Amphibious Raid with the participants from the MBLT4, Naval Air Group and Medical Evacuation at Barangay Inagawan.



As they have a closing ceremony, command believes to increase the readiness and alertness of the soldiers as there are some of the unexpected scenarios.

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