Residents of Sitio Gunob, Barangay Inogbong in Bataraza town captured a 14.9-foot saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) early in the morning on Thursday, July 6.

Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS) spokesperson Jovic Fabello said the residents captured the crocodile out of fear after they saw it in the area where they are catching octopus.

Fabello said the crocodile was captured about a kilometer away from the shore using a home-made trap and then dragged it to the shore with a boat. The crocodile died after arriving at the shore.

“The problem was, the trap used by the residents were not like the ones used by our experts at the crocodile farm, and after catching, the crocodile is immediately restrained to close its mouth,” he said.

“What happened there however was, after catching the crocodile, they just dragged it with a boat going to the shore and it was at this point that maybe it drowned,” he added.

Fabello also said that when their field staff arrived together with barangay officials at 10:00, the crocodile is already dead. He added that upon initial inspection of the staff, the crocodile looked skinny and sickly with some seashells sticking in its body.

“A team will be going to the town tomorrow together with our on-call veterinarian Dr. Glenn Rebong to conduct necropsy on the crocodile to determine the cause of its death,” he said.