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The Puerto Princesa City Police Office (PPCPO) has noted a spike of crime incidents in the city, with statistics of 377 cases recorded from March 1 to September 27, 2023.

This marks a 10% increase compared to the same period in the previous year when there were 342 reported cases, according to authorities.

Focusing on Index Crimes, which are of particular concern to the Philippine National Police (PNP), there has been a significant rise of 25% in crime incidents during the same period.

In 2022, there were 57 such cases, but in 2023, this number escalated to 71.

The highest among these incidents is rape, with 22 cases, constituting a 31% increase. Following closely are theft and robbery, both at 17 cases, as well as physical injury with 10 cases, murder with 6 cases, and homicide with 2 cases.

In contrast, Non-Index Crimes have shown a decrease from 231 incidents in the same period in 2022 to 187 incidents in 2023, representing a 19% decline.

The majority of these cases are related to Violations of Special Laws, totaling 121 cases. These violations encompass a wide range, including anti-illegal drug operations, anti-illegal gambling, firearms-related offenses, and various PNP accomplishments.

Other non-index crimes account for 38 cases, frustrated stages of focus crimes for 17 cases, and attempted stages of focus crimes for 11 cases.

Concerning public safety, traffic incidents have also seen a significant increase, with PPCPO recording 119 incidents in 2023, which is a staggering 120% rise compared to the previous year’s 54 incidents. Of these, 63 incidents involve damage to property, 44 have resulted in physical injuries, and 12 have led to homicide.

The Police Station 1 has reported the highest number of road accidents, with 91 incidents in 2023, marking a significant increase from the 18 incidents in the previous year.

In contrast, Police Station 2 recorded a decrease from 36 incidents in the previous year to 28 incidents in 2023, representing a 22% reduction.

According to P/Maj. Pearl Mannylle Lamban-Marzo, the increase is attributed to the revised PNP rulings on documentation of crimes.

“Kaya tumaas siya, kahit maliliit since mayroon na po tayong kautusan, lahat po ‘yun ay settled na mga aksidente sa kalsada na naabutan ng mga pulis natin na naayos na nagkasundo na ang mga parties involved. Na file din natin ang may mga homicide. Gusto po kasi natin na makita yun sa record, Kasi dati ‘di yun nasasama sa record,” she said.

She also noted that all road accidents are meticulously documented to support the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) program and identify areas with high accident rates.

“Gusto din naming na makatulong sa Programa ng DPWH, isa pa dito maging prevention natin, malaman natin kung saan ang maraming insidente, kahit na na settle pa,” Lamban-Marzo added.

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