Councilor Mendoza wants experts’ study on Nagtabon Beach after drowning incidents


Councilor Matthew Mendoza is pushing for a scientific study on the undertows and riptides in Nagtabon Beach following recent fatal drowning incidents in the popular beach destination. Mendoza’s proposed resolution will call for the services of experts, such as oceanographers and marine biologists, to study the presence of undertows or undercurrents in the area and hence guide the public on danger zones. The legislator hopes that such a study will help beach managers and tourists in preventing unfortunate incidents from happening again in the future.

Testimonies of grieving families and relations of victims have frequently pointed out the dangers of the unpredictable undertow in Nagtabon Beach, many citing such condition as potentially significant factors that contributed to their loved ones’ demise.

At least two fatal drowning incidents have been recorded in Nagtabon Beach in the last few months, eliciting reactions from the public for regulations in the said beach area.

Mendoza has also requested the Office of the City Mayor to create a multi-agency committee or team to officiate a study on the most appropriate system of managing Nagtabon Beach. The proposed committee will include representatives from the City Tourism Department, Business and Permits and Licensing Office, City Planning and Development Coordinator, Tourist Police, Emergency Response Personnel and officials of Barangay Bacungan, among others.

The proposed team is expected to oversee the different aspects of tourist destination management in the area, including proper garbage disposal, environmental damage, public safety, and peace and order.

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