A resolution is set to be presented to the municipal council of Coron to declare Rosemarie Tan Pamulaklakin, also known as Rosmar, and Rendon Labador of Team Malakas as persona non grata following their involvement in a controversy there recently.

Based on information gathered by Palawan News, Juan Patricio Matta intends to file the resolution at the next regular session of the municipal council in Coron. The document outlines that on June 15, vloggers Rendon and Rosmar were involved in an incident where the former disrespectfully confronted Jho Cayabyab Trinidad, an employee of the Office of the Vice Mayor, in front of many witnesses inside the Office of the Mayor.

“Mr. Labador’s actions were disrespectful, inappropriate, and constituted a blatant disregard for proper decorum, thereby causing undue distress and embarrassment to Miss Jho Cayabyab Trinidad and reflecting negatively on the office she represents,” the proposed persona non grata resolution stated.

These actions are purportedly in contravention of Republic Act No. 9262, also known as the “Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004,” which aims to safeguard women and children from violence and mistreatment.

Video by Rendon Labador posted on June 14 on his FB account.

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The resolution asserts that both influencers made public commitments to provide grocery packages to the residents of Coron, generating anticipation among them. However, their group only managed to deliver a limited number, leading to hunger, disappointment, and dismay among the people.

The resolution also noted that Rosmar’s Facebook post stating “never again Coron, Palawan” exacerbated the situation, further tarnishing the municipality’s image with negative publicity, which could affect its tourism industry.

Their disregard for established protocols and the dignity of Mayor Marjo Reyes’ office demonstrates a lack of respect for local governance and authority.

Additionally, the behavior of Rendon and Rosmar caused substantial disturbances in public order, sparked conflicts, and fueled unrest and dissatisfaction among Coron residents, thereby compromising the community’s peace and stability.

“The Sangguniang Bayan of Coron, Palawan, in the exercise of its legislative powers, deems it necessary to declare Rendon Labador and Rosmar as persona non-grata to safeguard the community from further disrespectful and disruptive behavior,” said the measure.

Matta urged Trinidad to also initiate legal proceedings against the people who humiliated her, and implored Mayor Reyes and Vice Mayor Asian Palanca to offer her any necessary support.

A disagreement arose between Rosmar, Rendon, and Trinidad after the latter posted accusations online that they were merely using the people of Coron, who ended up waiting for a long time and went hungry. Trinidad also mentioned that the staff did not receive any compensation.

Rosmar and Rendon became aware of the post, which upset them. Rosmar clarified in a now-viral video that her “last money,” amounting to ₱3,000, was given to the municipal government staff.

In the video, Rendon is shown yelling and pointing fingers at Trinidad, who responded calmly. Ultimately, they persuaded Trinidad to issue a public apology, which was also recorded on video.

This did not sit well with Coron locals, who defended their town and Trinidad for enduring what they described as public humiliation when the situation could have been resolved discreetly. They were also accused of visiting Coron merely “for content,” with critics labeling their actions as “poverty porn.”

Followers of Rosmar and Team Malakas, including Rendon, also defended their idols, asserting that they were disrespected during their visit to Coron, where they just wanted to help residents in dire need.

Rosmar’s apology
Rosmar issued an apology on her Facebook account but did not specify whether it was directed at the town of Coron.

She explained that her emotions were heightened because she had just given birth.

“Sorry kung nagkaganun reaction ko sadyang kakapanganak ko lang nadala lang ng emosyon Wala naman kami ginusto kundi makatulong lang [sic],” she posted.

Before this, she had posted indications that she was hesitant to continue distributing aid, seemingly due to the incident in Coron.

She also shared photos of sacks of rice related to the relief operations they were conducting.

“AYAWAN NAAA Team Malakas Baklaaaaaas. Bigla ko naramdaman ung pagod. 4months postpartum baby blues [sic],” she stated.