Photo courtesy of Provincial Information Office

A member of the Provincial Board has proposed to convert the Aborlan medicare facility to a Level 1 hospital with 50-capacity to cater to patients requiring minor care and supervision.

In a resolution, Board Member Albert Rama said the conversion of the medicare in Aborlan to Level 1 will provide more available facilities and services such as diagnostic evaluation and treatment, including surgeries.

The medicare facility that currently serves the residents of Aborlan town and nearby city barangays located along the west coast is a 25-bed facility completed in January 2017.

“As of now the status of medicare ay 25-bed capacity at kadalasan ay maraming natatanggap na pasyente. Ang iba ay nasa hallway na lang. Siguro this is the right time na ma-convert na ang ating facility,” Rama said.

The resolution has been referred to the committee on health for further discussion, including the personnel requirement.

The hospital is equipped with a hematology analyzer, laparoscopy instrument set with basic ICG capability, dental chair, infant incubator with warmer, anesthesia machine, and laparoscopy tower.

It has also two surgeons, a pediatrician, two general OB-Gyne, one orthopedic surgeon, and one anesthesiologist.

“Due to the immediate need, there is an immediate desire to establish a bigger and spacious hospital. It will be more accessible and necessary to have a facility that can provide upgraded health services,” Rama said.

Meanwhile, three primary medicare hospitals were completed by the provincial government in Roxas, Narra, and Rizal.