Women entrepreneurs are now ready to face the challenges in order to achieve their goals after attending the Connected Women first meet-up
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Women entrepreneurs in Puerto Princesa City meet up for the first time on January 16 to learn together about the advantages of cost-efficient digital and social media marketing platforms to set up profitable business ideas and promote existing products and services to improve their incomes.

Attended by around 70 female enterprisers who own pastry shops, travel agencies, boutiques, online sellers and retailers of homemade meals and pre-loved items, the first meet up was organized for them by Connected Women.

Rachelle Anne Dupaya, one of the organizers of Connected Women-Palawan Chapter, said the first-ever meet up was aimed at kicking off the process of helping women in the city come out of their shell to make their business concepts into realities to help generate income for their families.

It also focused on bringing them together to exchange experiences and values that helped their current businesses grow.

“One of our hashtags is #SheMeansBusiness because if a woman succeeds, everyone wins. Kasi a woman is only known as a mother and a woman is a wife. Minsan kasi kapag lalake ang nagiging successful, parang sila na lang parati. So for us ladies, I believe it is time for us to step up, feel the empowerment and start supporting each other, especially in our respective businesses,” she said.

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Guest speaker Rob Meredith answering questions from one of the participants regarding proper goal-setting

With the theme “Ready… set… GOALS!!!,” Dupaya said women in Puerto Princesa City and Palawan need guidance in managing their businesses to make them more profitable.

Having them all together in one venue, she added, can motivate them to have each other’s back not just as fellow businesswomen, but as a sisters.

Guest speaker Rob Meredith, a former U.S. Army officer who has 25 years of experience in marketing, said the event gave him the impression that the Palaweñas are ready and willing to learn on how to become successful entrepreneurs.

“I want to show the Palaweñas that they are phenomenal women. They are brave in venturing into different businesses and ending up successful. Women, especially the ladies of Palawan, are really an interesting set of society where they really proved that they can be somebody. And I always believe in their capabilities and will show my full support,” he said.

Meredith pointed out that there are several reasons why 87 percent of the world’s population do not have goals. These are because of lack of awareness of their importance, lack of knowledge about goals, and lack of motivation from other people.

Connected Women on its first official meet up at Sienatel

He told the participants of the meet up that goals must be properly structured in order for them to be executed.

Meredith said they must be realistic and attainable, must be able to give “goosebumps” once in a while, and must have timelines to materialize.

He said women should have the “nothing’s gonna stop me” attitude to become successful in their undertakings that should be divided into short, mid, and long-term timelines.

He encouraged them to have vision boards to be motivated to reach their life goals. These boards can feature pictures, inspirational words, or cliffings from magazines that would tell the women what they want to be or who they want to become.

“There will be certain barricades that could be encountered as you are on your way to reach your goal. But all you have to do is to believe in the anticipated result. Goals must give you a sense of excitement as if you can actually feel it in your system. Most of all, one must become unstoppable towards achieving it,” he said.

Meredith believes that the attendees could create a positive environment for all women in Palawan to become businesswomen and to be able to form a sisterhood of future moneymakers.

Meredith’s wife Jenny who is also a Connected Women organizer said the aim is to have a network of women whose main objective is to help each other and opening their society to all ladeies who either needs assistance or wishes to share knowledge.

“In general, Connected Women’s main perspective is that we may not be sisters by blood, but we ARE in action” she shared.

The second meet up of the chapter in Palawan is on February 27.

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